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BBC榜单:世界最伟大10家博物馆 [编辑] [删除]
2016-10-08 14:22:49 | 分类: 文化常识

Musee d’Orsay, France



Standing on the Left Bank of the Seine, this venerable Paris museum was opened in 1986 in a former Beaux-Arts railway station and hotel. The layout uses its previous incarnation to full effect – galleriescluster around the grand nave and ligh streams in through its sweeping glass roof. Conceived to bridge the gap between the collections of the Louvre Museum and the Pompidou Centre, it focuses on late 19th and early 20th Century art and houses the world’s largest collection of impressionist and post-impressionist paintings.


National Museum of Art, Osaka



After the original 1970s building was demolished, a new structure designed by César Pelli opened in 2004. The majority of the museum – including its art collections – is subterranean, with only the entrance lobby above ground. For maximum wow factor, Pelli’s studio created a towering intertwiningglass-and-steel entrance designed to resemble reeds along a riverbank or stalks of bamboo.

在1970年代的建筑被拆除后,新建成的版本由CésaR Pelli设计并于2004开放。博物馆的大部分,包括它的艺术收藏品,都处于地下,只有入口大厅是在地面上的。最让人眼前一亮的是,Pelli的工作室创造了一个高耸的缠绕型的玻璃钢入口,形似沿河岸的芦苇或竹子。

Guggenheim, Spain



The impressive building stands on the edge of the Nervión River in the old industrial heart of of the city, its glass and limestone structure clad in waves of titanium. It was an immediate sensation; among its fans, the architect Philip Johnson hailed it “the greatest building of our time”.


Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Brazil



The museum was opened in 2002-3 and nicknamed ‘the eye’ as it resembles a giant human eyeperched on a yellow pillar. The legendary Brazilian architect who designed it (and gave it his name) was a key figure in the modern movement; he was 95 when the building was completed. A 2,000 sq-ft museum space houses international art along with many of Niemeyer’s own works.


British Museum, London



The architect Robert Smirke designed the core of the museum, which opened in 1852, in the neo-Classical style. The grand south entrance, with its impressive pediment and pillars, drew inspiration from ancient Greece. In 2000, Foster and Partners created a new Great Court, which, with its spectacular glass roof, transformed the museum’s inner courtyard into the largest covered space in Europe.

建筑师Robert Smirke设计了博物馆的核心部分,该馆在1852开业,其具有新古典风格。南大门有着令人印象深刻的三角墙和柱子,其灵感来源是古希腊。在2000年,福斯特和起合作伙伴创造了一个新的大法院,它有着壮观的玻璃屋顶,他们将博物馆的内部庭院改造成为欧洲最大的内部空间。

Royal Ontario Museum, Canada



This museum of natural history, art and culture is Canada’s largest, with over six million items in its collection. In addition to its original and 20th Century buildings, Studio Daniel Libeskind’s new entrance design, which opened as the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal in 2007, was described by the museum as “a distinctive new symbol for Toronto for the 21st Century”. The complex prismatic structure of glass and aluminium on a steel frame has its detractors though – in 2009 it made number 8 on a list of ‘the world’s ugliest buildings’.


Museo Soumaya, Mexico City



The private cultural institution was established in 1994 and ranges across two sites – Plaza Loreto and the Plaza Carso in Mexico City. The latter, which opened in 2011, was designed by Mexican architect Fernando Romero, engineered with Ove Arup and Frank Gehry. A 151ft (46m) structure clad in 16,000hexagonal aluminium tiles, the six-floor museum contains work predominantly from Mexico and Europe, including the largest collection of Rodin’s works outside of France. Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia.

私营文化机构成立于1994,其横跨墨西哥城的洛雷托和卡索广场。后者是在2011对外开放的,由墨西哥建筑师Fernando Romero设计,由Ove Arup和Frank Gehry进行工程监督的。其151英尺(46米)结构是由16000六边形铝砖包裹而成,博物馆六楼的作品主要来自墨西哥和欧洲,包括Rodin在法国以外最大的作品。

Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia

冬宫博物馆,圣彼得堡 俄罗斯


One of the largest and oldest museums in the world, the Hermitage was opened in 1764 by Empress Catherine the Great and houses over three million pieces of art and cultural artefacts. The sprawlingstate museum complex consists of a number of buildings, including the grand green-and-white Winter Palace, the former home of the Russian Tsars. The colossal palace was designed in the main by Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli in an elaborate Baroque style.

世界上最大和最古老的博物馆——冬宫,在1764,由女皇凯瑟琳在宣布开放,其拥有超过三百万件艺术品和文物。庞大的州立博物馆由许多建筑物组成,包括宏大的绿白相间的冬宫和俄罗斯沙皇的故居。巨大的宫殿基本上是由Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli设计的巴洛克风格。

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha



Opening in the Qatari capital in 2008, this museum was designed by the Pritzker Prize-winning architect IM Pei. At the age of 91, Pei travelled throughout the Arab world for six months collecting inspiration for the project. The towering five-storey limestone structure perches on reclaimed land with views across the Doha waterfront and its two wings are connected by a large central courtyard. It houses a collection of Islamic art from over 1,400 years.


Vatican Museums, Italy



The Vatican City’s museums were opened by Pope Julius II in the 16th Century; its complex contains 52 galleries and is one of the largest museums in the world. The museum’s collection of religious sculpture and painting includes works by Raphael, Titian and Caravaggio. Its rooms include the Gallery of Maps and the Gallery of Tapestries and its very last sala is the magnificent Sistine Chapel, its walls decorated with works by artists including Perugino and Botticelli and the vaulted ceiling painted by Michelangelo.


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